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Social entrepreneurship is one of my greatest passions. I believe in the importance of taking action and finding creative ways to solve a problem, rather than waiting for someone else to come up with a solution. Sometimes initiatives and projects may not turn out the way we envisioned, but learning from mistakes, revising, and trying again is essential. Even if you have a full time job and have only a few hours to spare a week, you can put that limited time to good use by contributing to a impactful cause with your friends. If you are interested in learning more about BCT ,ViryaBiotech, SRC or GSCF, please contact me at (no spaces). I look forward to your feedback, comments, ideas, and suggestions!

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  • BCT: BlockChainThrone
  • 长寿逃逸:ViryaBiotech
  • SRC: Social.Reading.Career
  • GSCF: Global Startup Co-Founder (GSCF), an open community for entrepreneurs, the founder, co-founder, CEO, and CTO




I am the Co-Founder of BCT, a blockChain and cryptocurrency Community provided investment advisory, education, valuation and project rating service. I led a team to translate a blockchain book <Blockchain-Technology-Handbook-CN-180305>  from English version into Chinese version.



长寿逃逸 Virya Biotech logo

I am the Co-Founder of ViryaBiotech, The first Digital Immortality and Longevity Community in China
and the First combination of Longevity and Metaverse. I worked with Professor José Cordeiro, Vice President of Humanity Plus and Director of The Millenium Project. I led a team to translate a best seller in longevity <The Death of Death>  from English version into Chinese version. For more info, pls refer:




I am the CEO and Co-Founder of SRC, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering deep and trusting personal relationships among junior and senior professionals from leading companies via TED liked workshop on social, reading and career. You can make join us today by simply registering and becoming part of the community!

Impact to date: Initiated the non-profit post-university community for freshman to learn,communicate and grow, refer public wechat: sufedsh.Till now, led 10 team member, invited 50 speakers from top B-schools, mutul fund, hedge fund, private equity, investment banking, consulting, startup etc, influenced more than 3,000 fellows. Recently, we share our story with LinkedIn Chitu “The work and life at Big 4” (available on LinkedIn), which captures the inspiring stories of our vision and our own best practices through the last three years.



From Jan 2016-now, I served as the Co-Founder & Executive Director at Global Startup Co-Founder (GSCF) & Global Alliance of Student Startup (GASS), an open community at LinkedIn for all people who are interested in network with China’s startup entrepreneurs, the founder, co-founder, CEO, and CTO. GSCF wants to pay attention to the issues related to partnership and team building. We want to propagate a harmonious, faithful and sustainable relationship in organization. GSCF is a platform that co-founder and founder can share the knowledge and experiences and extend their network. The group wishes to connect more founder and co-founder, bringing them together to share idea and find opportunity.

To corporate and support GSCF, Global Alliance of Student Startup (GASS) is an international network and platform for student entrepreneurs in colleges and universities. Having the China’s new policy support, the goal is to forge an allied force and empower every student with entrepreneurship. GASS cooperates with Angel Investors to launch Welcome all students to join us. Campus VC programs for the incubation. We invite industrial professionals, business pioneers to mentor for student’s project. GASS explores opportunity for international programs. We develop the relationship with local universities, industry association for various collaborative programs.