My name is Stanley Xiaoli Diao, and I am a native of the Changzhou at Jiangsu Province, though I currently reside in Shanghai City. After receiving a Scholarship, I studied at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, pursuing master degree, receiving the National Scholarship, Outstanding Graduate Scholarship and People’s Scholarship 1st prize. In Summer 2012, I graduated from the Business Immersion Program at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Finance and International Studies. In June 2011, I completed the B.E. in Engineering Degree in Composite Materials and Engineering at Nanjing University of Technology. Now, I’m pursuing a career in investing in the city. You can find me on facebook, twitter, and LinkedIn. In my spare time, I’m working on BCT and SRC, wandering the streets of Shanghai City, playing ocarina, or reading.

Blockchain Sector Research Experiences

I am now focus on  investment on AI/BlockChain/CloudComputing/BigData(ABCD) and GreenCar-focus field. In 2017, I Joined Draper Dragon as a senior investment manager. During the work there, I am very interested in AI, Blockchain and cryptocurrenty field. Also, I set up the blockchainthrone project which is a blockchain alliance globally.

Here are some AI and blockchain topic seminars I hosted or participated:




  • Judge at BU Capital Auto Related Portfolio Roadshow


  • Speaker on Blockchain at Canadian CPA Shanghai Chapter Annual Dinner


  • Speaker on Blockchain with Young Enterpreneurs Alliance at Huangpu District

Public Sector an Research Experiences

I am deeply interested in social, reading, finance and startup, with particular focus on social entrepreneurship and  fintech sector development. In 2012, I had the chance to pursue innovative ventures field work in NYC with Kairos Society, where I witnessed the potential power of fintech and venture capital. More recently, in 2015 and 2016, I worked at the Silicon Dragon as a event partner in the enterpreneurs and VC Sector, where I investigated trends of technology startup between China and America.

To practically apply potential solutions, I co-founded Global Startup Co-Founder (GSCF) & Global Alliance of Student Startup (GASS), an open community at LinkedIn for all people who are interested in network with China’s startup entrepreneurs, the founder, co-founder, CEO, and CTO. GSCF wants to pay attention to the issues related to partnership and team building. We want to propagate a harmonious, faithful and sustainable relationship in organization. GSCF is a platform that co-founder and founder can share the knowledge and experiences and extend their network. The group wishes to connect more founder and co-founder, bringing them together to share idea and find opportunity. To corporate and support GSCF, Global Alliance of Student Startup (GASS) is an international network and platform for student entrepreneurs in colleges and universities. Having the China’s new policy support, the goal is to forge an allied force and empower every student with entrepreneurship. GASS cooperates with Angel Investors to launch Welcome all students to join us. Campus VC programs for the incubation. We invite industrial professionals, business pioneers to mentor for student’s project. GASS explores opportunity for international programs. We develop the relationship with local universities, industry association for various collaborative programs. From Jan 2016-now, I served as the Co-Founder & Executive Director.

Drawing upon my experiences and launching in 2014, I co-founded and serve as CEO of SRC( Social.Reading.Career), a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering deep and trusting personal relationships among junior and senior professionals from leading companies via TED liked workshop on social, reading and career. .

We utilize creative campaigns to raise awareness and motivate young professionals to read, social and focus on career development. Initiated the non-profit post-university community for freshman to learn,communicate and grow, refer public wechat: sufedsh.Till now, led 10 team member, invited 50 speakers from top B-schools, mutul fund, hedge fund, private equity, investment banking, consulting, startup etc, influenced more than 3,000 fellows. Recently, we share our story with LinkedIn Chitu “The work and life at Big 4” (available on LinkedIn), which captures the inspiring stories of our vision and our own best practices through the last three years. If you are interested in our work or in joining our team, please reach out to me!

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  • 2017, Nanjing Campus sharing on “Career at Big 4”


  • 2017, Live Sharing on “Career at Big 4”


  • 2017, SCA (SUFE Career Association) Mentors Reunion


Private Sector Experiences

Since the intersection of business and development is my passion, I’ve had a variety of international business experiences to gain exposure to the logic and workings of management consulting and capital markets. In 2011, I interned as a winter analyst at KPMG TMT sector in Shanghai and Zhengzhou, where I witnessed the attitude with professional service staffs and have a snapshot with telecom sector. In 2012, I was an intern with BCG, Monitor and Towers Watson in West Nanjing Road- the global first tier consulting firms – where I provided support and consulting for pharm, auto and finance best practices. In 2013, I worked as a research  analyst in Research Division at CITIC Securities and Wanjia Asset Management on Lujiazui, where I built industry analysis structure and project finance models for listed companies in the Non-Metallic Sector. After graduation, I was an associate in the Energy & Utilities groups at PwC in Shanghai and Kazakhstan. Through my work, I was able to cover MNC, SOE and POE, learning a lot about annual audits, IPO, mergers and acquisitions. Afterwards, I left for the Valuation & Modelling team at KPMG Deal Advisory, providing deal advisory service with various buy-side M&A case using comparable companies, precedent transactions, and DCF method. For me advisory is fasinating because it involves so many different layers of analysis and creativity in finding opportunities for clients. In July 2017, I joined the Venture Capital Firm —DFJ Dragon Fund China, where I work today as a senior investment manager.

Having seen both formal and informal financial and advisory sectors, I want to aid in the process of Blockchain, cryptocurrency, deal advisory, management consulting, equity research,AI, Blockchain,  Fintech, big data and education in China and in the world.